Sustainable Forest Management

Sustainable forest management in JFM mode includes Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR), Block Plantation, Soil and Moisture Conservation measures and Fire Protection measures. Under non JFM mode, the works proposed are consolidation and demarcation of forest boundaries, construction of high Tech Nurseries and ex situ SMC works. In order to improve the tree cover outside the forest area, Farm-forestry activities will be taken up over 10000 ha of land and 10000 beneficiaries selected through the VSS within their village area.

Components / Sub-Component Scope
JFM Mode Site Specific Plan ( SSP) & Monitoring 1,200 VSS
Drainage Line Treatment ( Ex-situ SMC Work) 1,500 ha.
Assisted Natural Regeneration ( ANR) 51,000 ha.
Block Plantation 6,000 ha.
Fire Protection 1,710 km.
Non-JFM Mode Consolidation and Demarcation of Forest Boundaries Work 1898 km.
Construction / Improvement of Permanent Nurseries 6 Nurseries
Non-JFM Drainage Line Treatment (DLT) ( Ex-situ SMC work) 750 ha.
Farm Forestry 10,000 ha.