Project Components

The project has the following components:

  1. Livelihood Promotion
    1. Convergence with line Departments
    2. Promotion of Income Generating Activities
    3. Development of multi- product Clusters
    4. Business Development Service
  2. Institution Building and Capacity Building

Major Activities

The major activities to be initiated under the OFSDS- OMBADC for initiation of the Project are as follows:

  1. Community Mobilization and Institution Building
    • Constitution / Reconstitution / strengthening of VSSs General Body and Executive Committee
    • Sensitization on JFM Mode of Implementation
    • Discussion on Roles and Responsibilities of all Stakeholders
    • Book Keeping & Record Maintenance
    • Participatory Micro Planning Processes
    • Implementation of Project Interventions in JFM Mode at VSS level
    • Approaches of Community Development through Inter-sectoral Convergence
  2. Constitution of DAC and BLAC
  3. Initiation of Convergence line Departments
  4. Mapping of Products for IGA
  5. Mapping of Market
  6. Identification of Products with beneficiaries and selection of Cluster locations