People living in and around forests are highly dependent on forest resources for their livelihood. Largely, Scheduled Tribe (ST) and Scheduled Caste (SC) population, which are concentrated in forest fringes, depend on forest resources. To reduce dependency of the Poorest of Poor (PoP), socially vulnerable people and ST & SC community on forest resources and to improve the health of forest ecosystems, it is necessary to enhance and strengthen their Livelihood by providing them with a range of alternative livelihood options. Improving their skills and competencies and connecting them with various developmental programs can bring visible changes in their life.

The OFSDS- OMBADC Project is being implemented to mitigate the adversities faced by the forest fringe dwellers to some extent by providing them livelihood promotion opportunities. The OFSDS- OMBADC project is mainly designed to reinforce the livelihood activities under Ama Jangala Yojana.