Survey Schedule and Outputs

The Supplemental Survey for OFSDP-II is divided into three major segments:

1) 1st Home work;

2) Field Work; and

3) 2nd Home Work.

During the 1st Home work (August 2016), the preliminary review of DPR and the available data will be undertaken in order to identify the data/ information to be collected during the field survey. Once the field survey commences, the survey team will undertake extensive review of the DPR and discussion with the OFD to validate the project needs and further concretise project components, which will be reported in the interim report (IT/R) in mid October. Towards the end of October to November2016, the survey team will work on the project cost to prepare the required documents for loan appraisal and prepare draft final report (DF/R) which will be submitted by mid December 2016. The survey team will complete the fieldwork by mid December and return home to finalise the DF/R. The final report (F/R) will be submitted by early February 2017. Various reports are to be submitted as per below



Key Contents

1)   Inception Report (IC/R)

Mid August 2016

  •  Survey Outline

  • Preliminary Review of DPR and data provided by OFD

2) Interim Report (IT/R)

Mid October 2016

  • Results of DPR review

  • Needs of the project

  • Direction of the Project Formulation

  • Detailed description of the Project Activities

3)Draft Final Report (DF/R)

Mid December 2016

  • implementation framework, project cost, M&E, economic evaluation, will be included.

4)  Final Report (F/R)

Early February 2016

  • Based on DF/R, comments from JICA and OFD will be incorporated.

Source: JICA Survey Team

2.    The Survey Methods

The survey team will review both primary and secondary data in order to confirm the details proposed in the DPR with reference to the needs which are validated through the field survey. Necessary data needs to be collected from OFD, OFSDP, and relevant stakeholders at different levels. Socio-economic survey, field visits, key informant interviews, focus group discussions, gender analysis will be carried out especially to assess the community level situation and their needs. The survey team will follow the JICA Guidelines on Environment and Social Consideration to identify possible impacts inducted by the project components.

Based on the findings, project components and costs proposed in DPR will be reviewed and aligned to achieve the project objectives. The revised project plan will include sufficient information and details that would be required for loan appraisal. The above survey process will be planned and executed in close consultation with OFD, OFSDP and JICA.